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McIntosh Graphics

McIntosh Graphics




Please note that Radio Daze has terminated the sale and production of certain McIntosh related reproduction graphics effective immediately. We will not accept any additional orders for the subject McIntosh related items and all prior sales of them are final.


As many in our customer base know, for many years Radio Daze has been supplying quality reproduction graphics for certain well out-of-production McIntosh items. Our initiative in this regard was undertaken to in response to McIntosh aficionados looking for an ability not found elsewhere to restore vintage McIntosh gear and continue the high regard, prestige and legend of McIntosh in the audiophile community. These products were primarily replacement glass items for those either broken in shipping/handling or degraded original silk-screening due to age or wear. All related Radio Daze products were developed solely by the Radio Daze team with significant expense incurred in their design and tooling.

In early June 2018, Radio Daze was contacted by McIntosh Laboratory, Inc. regarding our reproduction graphics and their McIntosh trademarks. In our response, we noted that our website statement:

Our reproduction graphics are provided to the restoration community to help preserve vintage items for next generations. Names of actual companies, products, trademarks, registered trademarks, or service marks used herein are the sole property of their respective owners in the United States and other countries.

We further stated our sincere belief that the restoration of classic equipment, such as vintage McIntosh gear, only serves to promote the value and prestigious history of McIntosh in its future product endeavors.

Upon further consideration by McIntosh Laboratory, Inc., we have been informed that we must immediately cease the sale and manufacture of any McIntosh related reproduction graphics that include the word “McIntosh” in any form and we are accordingly doing as requested.

The products we have terminated in their present form are as follows:

 McIntosh MX-110 Dial (early version) (Item: DG-177)

McIntosh MX-110 Dial (later version) (Item: DG-180)

McIntosh MR-65B Dial (Item: DG-196)

McIntosh C20 Faceplate (Later Version-Smaller) (Item: DG-216)

McIntosh MI-3 Faceplate (Item: DG-253)

McIntosh C22 Inner Faceplate (Item: DG-282)

McIntosh MX-110 Dial (Item: DG-293)

McIntosh Model MR67 Dial Glass (Item: DG-322)

McIntosh C20 Faceplate (Later Version-Larger) (Item: DG-326)

McIntosh C-11 Faceplate (Item: DG-342)

McIntosh Late Model MR-71 Dial Glass (Item: DG-354)

McIntosh MQ-101 Glass Faceplate (Item: DG-434)

McIntosh MA230 Glass Faceplate (Item: DG-463)

We understand restorers of the related McIntosh equipment above would desire the McIntosh logo as originally manufactured on these items. Because of the scarcity of replacements, we now offer quality reproduction items without the McIntosh logo (see below).

The McIntosh related products not impacted by the logo matter that we are maintaining are as follows:

McIntosh 1700 Dial (Item: DG-047)

McIntosh MAC1900 Dial (Item: DG-271)

McIntosh MR55A Dial (Item: DG-048)

McIntosh MX-110 Faceplate (Item: DG-181)

McIntosh MR-67, MR-71 Faceplate (Item: DG-197)

McIntosh C20 Front Faceplate (Early Version) (Item: DG-207)

McIntosh C22 Outer Faceplate (Item: DG-283)

McIntosh C20 Rear Faceplate (Early Version) (Item: DG-364)

McIntosh MR-73 Glass Faceplate (Item: DG-371)

McIntosh MAC1500 Glass Faceplate (Item: DG-508)

McIntosh MAC1500 Dial (Item: DG-525)

McIntosh MAC4100 Dial (Item: DG-541)

McIntosh C-11 Metal Faceplate Re-Lettering (FP-MC-C11) 

McIntosh C-22 Faceplate Re-Lettering (Item: FP-MC-C22)

McIntosh MX110Z Faceplate Re-Lettering (MC-FP-MX110Z)

McIntosh MX-110 Metal Faceplate Re-Lettering (FP-MC-MX110)

McIntosh MR71 Faceplate Re-Lettering (Item: FP-MC-MR71)

The products we currently offer with NO LOGO are as follows:

 McIntosh MX-110 Dial (early version) - NO LOGO (Item: DG-177Z)

McIntosh MX-110 Dial (later version) - NO LOGO (Item: DG-180Z)

McIntosh MR-65B Dial - NO LOGO (Item: DG-196Z)

McIntosh C20 Faceplate (Later Version-Smaller) - NO LOGO (Item: DG-216Z)

McIntosh MI-3 Faceplate - NO LOGO (Item: DG-253Z)

McIntosh C22 Inner Faceplate -NO LOGO (Item: DG-282Z)

McIntosh C20 Faceplate (Later Version-Larger) - NO LOGO (Item: DG-326Z)

McIntosh C-11 Faceplate - NO LOGO (Item: DG-342Z)

McIntosh Late Model MR-71 Dial Glass - NO LOGO (Item: DG-354Z)

McIntosh MQ-101 Glass Faceplate - NO LOGO (Item: DG-434Z)

McIntosh MA230 Glass Faceplate - NO LOGO (Item: DG-463Z)

McIntosh Model MR74 Dial Glass-NO LOGO (Item: DG-544Z)

 These products can be found on our website at:

To be clear, NONE of these products are endorsed by McIntosh Laboratory, Inc. but are designed to be quality reproductions by Radio Daze.


Our objective is to service the vintage restoration community who are trying to keep some of the classic sets and equipment of the past alive. It is not our intent to compete in any way with original manufacturers of any equipment. We clearly state that our products are reproductions and do not imply that our products are sanctioned by, or have any implied warranty or guarantee supported by, the original equipment manufacturer.

Radio Daze deeply appreciates the support we have received from our customer base over the many years we have been supplying our graphics. In return, we have invested significantly in both ongoing design efforts and production equipment while trying to maintain reasonable costs to our customers. We trust in some small way that what we are doing is a service to the vintage restoration community.

We welcome any questions or comments regarding this notice. Please send to



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