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Dial Belt & Dial Belt Kits

Generic Dial Belt Kit

DBK-6 “6-foot kit”
DBK-12 “12-foot kit”

  The Radio Daze “generic” dial belt kit provides an economical, fast, and reliable means to replace the majority of dial belts utilized by radios of the 1930s and 1940s. No longer is it necessary to try to find a new old stock GC or JFD belt to replace a belt. In addition, in many cases such as the Zenith “big black dial” radios, it is not necessary to completely take apart the dial drive mechanism in order to install a new belt.

 The kit provides either a six or twelve foot length of square rubber belt material plus super glue. Multiple dial belts can be replaced by one kit.


To make a belt, rough cut a length of belt material a couple inches longer than the desired dial belt circumference. Then take the cut piece and determine the precise length needed. If possible, actually route the piece around the dial pulleys/shafts as it would be installed. Make sure that the belt material is not twisted. Pull the material tight and overlap the two ends on top of each other. A slight bit of tension (stretch) on the rubber is OK and recommended. Carefully mark a line across both overlapped ends at the point where the material should be cut so that the two ends can be joined into a closed belt. Take the belt material, place it down on its side on a hard surface and align the ends as marked. Carefully make a diagonal cut across the two ends where marked using an X-Acto knife or similar sharp cutting instrument.


The now cut-to-length belt material can be either glued and then installed or installed and glued at the same time. In many cases, it will save a great deal of time if the belt material is routed prior to gluing as this will typically save a great deal of mechanical disassembly and re-assembly. In either case, put a single drop of super glue on one END (only the end-no other edges) of the belt material and join it to the other END of the material. Make sure the joint is fully flush to eliminate any “bumps”. Hold the two ends together (avoiding getting any glue on your hands or any part of the dial mechanism) until it has bonded. Once it has bonded sufficiently to hold itself together, it is recommended that you let it continue to set for 15 minutes or so before trying it out.

The end result should be a tight and smooth operating belt which will last a long time. If the belt ends up too loose, carefully cut again and re-glue.

Carefully and completely read the label on the super glue container for all safety precautions BEFORE using the kit. The use of super glue and X-Acto or other sharp knives requires great care, and these items should be kept securely away from children.



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