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Repair & Restoration Services

Repair & Restoration Services


We directly provide electronic repair, restoration and refinishing services for equipment of the vacuum tube era. Examples of these items include home and portable AM and FM radios, amateur radio communication receivers, vintage car radios, hi-fidelity audio gear, jukeboxes, etc. These services are performed by a team with many years experience in repair and restoration of vacuum tube equipment. Sophisticated test gear and an extensive library of radio service data are employed in the repair process.


Practical Repair

Vaccum tube based electronics are typically somewhere in the range of forty to ninety years old. Exact, original replacement parts are rare or simply no longer available in many cases. Although very strict "museum-quality" authentic repair and restoration can be accomplished, it typically involves an expense level of interest to only the most dedicated collector. Radio Daze typically provides “practical” repair services. When original replacement parts are not available or prohibitively expensive, we substitute quality, functionally equivalent parts. Whenever possible we attempt to maintain the original appearance of the equipment when it is fully assembled, with part substitutions accomplished under equipment chassis, etc. 


Recommended Versus Basic Repair

Many of the components in a piece of vacuum tube equipment do not deteriorate with age and should last for decades to come. However, some parts do deteriorate and offer a much higher possibility of near-term failure. Examples include, but are not limited to, several types of capacitors and some insulation materials. A “basic” repair would involve replacement of only those components necessary to immediately restore the radio’s functionality. A “recommended” repair extends basic repair by also replacing those parts which have been known to deteriorate or fail based upon our many years of service experience. Because a recommended repair approach maximizes your long term satisfaction with the repair investment being made, Radio Daze will only perform recommended repairs.


 Caution: Don’t Plug It In!!

If you have a piece of vacuum tube equipment that hasn’t been used for several years or more, please note that there are several good reasons not to plug it in and “check it out”. Most of these classic pieces are not fused and therefore do not protect the radio from abnormal operating conditions. The components in the equipment may have deteriorated simply from age or exposure to tough storage conditions (e.g. attic heat) and as a result they can heavily stress or ruin other good parts. If this happens, your equipment may become unrepairable. Also from a personal safety perspective, insulation on the equipment power cord may often become questionable and can offer both a shock and a fire hazard.


Best Bet: Let Radio Daze professionally check it out.


Repair Estimate

The first step in the repair process is the development of a written repair estimate in the Radio Daze repair department. Radio Daze will examine the condition (including under chassis inspection), test all tubes and estimate the recommended repair cost of any model radio for FREE. If Radio Daze is authorized to proceed with the estimate, the estimate charge remains free. If you do not proceed with the given estimate there will be an estimate charge of $60.00. 


All Radio Daze repair estimates are strictly considered quotes or estimates, we try our best to be below or at our original estimate that you approve, however as the repair progresses unforeseen issues can occur or additional parts might be needed . You must approve in advance any unforeseen costs (additional parts or labor) that might arise.


Repair Cost

The total cost for the repair of your radio will consist of a labor charge and a parts charge. Our labor charge is based on the number of vacuum tubes in the radio, if there are no tubes in the equipment then a per hour rate is assessed. If your radio includes a record player that you would like repaired, there is an additional $60.00 labor charge. Under certain circumstances we may need to send to a phonograph repair specialist, which may require additional labor costs. In some instances there may be damage to your speaker that is beyond repair in house and will require the speaker to either be updated or reconed, there are additional costs for this service. The parts charge will vary based upon the specific condition and model of your radio. Because specific part requirements cannot be fully determined until the actual radio repair is undertaken, there is the possibility that additional parts will be required beyond those outlined in the original estimate.



Radio Daze warrants the labor and installed parts of a recommended repair for a period of two years on new componentry and six months on original NOS parts, after the radio is returned to you. If your radio develops a problem during the warranty period, Radio Daze will repair the radio at no charge other then for required parts that were not included in the original repair.


Local Pick-Up & Delivery

Radio Daze will provide pick-up and return delivery of your radio, at our scheduling convenience, within 25 miles of Mendon, NY for a flat rate. Outside of this area, transportation is the responsibility of the customer. If this is a problem for you, let us know and we will gladly work with you.


Terms Of Payment

Payment for repair services will require a 25% deposit and the remaining balance is due in full service completion and presentation of invoice.


The Next Step Is Yours…

Why not bring new life back to your classic vacuum tube equipment? Although technology has advanced a great deal since it was originally manufactured, it is hard to beat its quality and charm. 


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