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 Radio Daze LLC will be launching a new website November 24, 2014. We understand our current platform is a bit challenging and some customers have a hard time using it. We appreciate your patience as we build our new website which will include substantially more content, etc.

In the meantime, we continue to get inundated with inquiries about our decals, dials and faceplate/front panel offerings and services and we respond as promptly as possible. Please address these inquiries HERE for the fastest response.  

Radio Daze supplies the vintage restoration community with a set of unique items and services that are essential to completing a quality classic restoration. A key focus of ours is on our custom graphics design and fabrication capabilities which allow us to economically provided high quality printing in small volumes on a wide range of materials including glass, metals, plastics, etc. Based upon these captive resources, we provide a very large and ever expanding portfolio of reproduction dials, decals, faceplates and panels - currently over 1000 designs – for vintage equipment. 


Radio Daze offers a range of other unique and hard to find reproduction items and supplies such as cloth-covered wire, grille cloth, tube sockets/plugs, and many others as well as the Hammond Manufacturing line of transformers, chokes, chassis and enclosures for both restoration efforts and new projects.


Radio Daze also provides "top of the line" electronic restoration and cabinet refinishing services.


As ALWAYS we appreciate you choosing us for your Vintage Radio & Audio Needs!!